Upcoming panel: Big Data and Privacy – An area of conflict?

Big Data and Open Data are seen as the fuel for innovations and as the “new oil” of digital economy and society. Research and science, however, also benefit from digitization, because, for example, the previously inaccessible data sets can be combined. But these benefits are opposed by a growing sense of unease about sharing personal information and a growing interest in data protection. Big Data and marketing analytics seem to conflict with data protection. But is this skepticism justified? What are the advantages of Big Data and marketing automation for consumers? Do we have to entirely forego these advantages to protect our personal information?

Michael Platzer, CEO & Founder, Mostly.ai
Nicolas March, Head of Data Analytics, REWE Digital
Michael Mrak, Compliance and Data Protection Officer, Casinos Austria
Martin Fluch, Director ICT Services, A1 Österreich & A1 Digital

Thomas Reutterer, Institute for Service Marketing and Tourism, Department for Marketing, WU

Date: 30.10.2019
Start: 18:00
Location: Festsaal 1, Campus WU, Building LC

Source: https://www.wu.ac.at/sm/institute/news-events/news-sm