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This is the official website of the FFG funded research project “AI-Based Privacy-Preserving Big Data Sharing for Market Research” (or in short: ANonymous bIg daTA, ANITA). ANITA project aims to systematically examine and validate the feasibility of using artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning to generate synthetic data that preserve individual privacy as well as retain enough substantive and statistical information to ascertain its usefulness for market(ing) research purposes. Latest advances in artificial intelligence show promising results for synthetic image generation, while at the same time researchers are able to provide theoretical privacy guarantees for the training data of deep learning algorithms. ANITA brings these two recent streams of research together and applies them for the first time to sequential personal data with the aim of enabling broader open data sharing (with research institutions, innovation partners, data marketplaces, market researchers) while protecting individuals’ privacy. In the face of stricter data protection regulations within Europe (GDPR), the success of this approach would allow safe cross-organizational data sharing and thus facilitate data-driven innovation and research processes distributed across industries.

ANITA is a collaborative research project with the Institute for Service Marketing at the Vienna University of Economics and BusinessMostly AI Solutions MP GmbHGeorge Labs GmbH and Statistik Austria as consortium partners.

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