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This is the official website of the FFG funded research project “AI-Based Privacy-Preserving Big Data Sharing for Market Research” (or in short: ANonymous bIg daTA, ANITA), which aims to systematically validate the feasibility of using deep recurrent neural network architectures to generate synthetic sequential raw data that preserve individual privacy and, at the same time, retain enough information to be used for market research.ANITA is a collaborate research project with the Institute for Service Marketing at the Vienna University of Economics and BusinessMostly AI Solutions MP GmbHGeorge Labs GmbH and Statistik Austria as consortium partners.

Generative deep neural networks have recently become a highly active research field of artificial intelligence, with impressive demonstrations for synthetic image generation. The combination and application of these developed methods to sequential personal data could provide a viable solution to the utilization problem of growing amount of available personal data, while safeguarding the privacy of individuals. It is the scope of this research project to design and to set up a virtual data lab that allows to systematically investigate the conditions under which a variety of generative models are able to derive synthetic replicas that capture structure and correlations, while protecting individual-level privacy.

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